Master Gode (mastergode) wrote,
Master Gode

I love the internet

Last night, somehow or other, I got the song "Mexican Radio" by Wall of Voodoo stuck in my head. The problem, though, was that I didn't know the name of the song, who sang it, or any of the lyrics other than "I'm on a somethingsomething radio," from the chorus.

Well, as you can imagine, googling "i'm on a radio" didn't turn up anything helpful.

So I went to YouTube and typed that in, and scrolled through the various videos until I found the above linked video, and I was like, "Ah-hah! This is it!"

I was... amazed, frankly, and it made me think of the way music used to be when I was a kid. Children growing up today are going to have an entirely different perception of music and music culture.

For example, band information used to be hard to come by. That was how you could differentiate the real fans from people who just sort of liked a band -- they knew all about the band beyond just the music. Not only that, but sometimes just knowing of a band's existence was enough to earn you cool points.

Nowadays, almost every band has a wikipedia page detailing their entire history, making that information available to everyone. There are sites like Pandora that introduce you to new music. If you don't know a song, you can just look it up on YouTube.

It's... Well, it's pretty awesome.

Every now and then, I have moments like this. In which I come to a realization that the world has changed markedly since I was a child.
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