Master Gode (mastergode) wrote,
Master Gode

Best. Concert. Ever.

Okay, it wasn't the best concert ever. That was quite possibly Manowar and Rhapsody, or maybe one of the old TMBG and OKGO shows.

However, tonight I went to go see Jonathan Coulton, and it was SO FUCKING GOOD.

For those of you who don't know, his opening band, Paul and Storm, were freaking hilarious. Coulton was pretty much exactly what I expected him to be, but the opening band had me laughing so freaking hard. Seriously, I have NEVER laughed that hard at a show before, even at a comedy show!

It was just a really good show, and the audience was a really good crowd. I wish I could have... I dunno, bottled that show and then given it to other people to experience, it was just that good.

Oh, also, coming up in February are two more shows that I want to go to, and if anyone else is interested, you should let me know. That 1 Guy is playing in the middle of the month, and Henry Rollins is at the end of the month. I dunno if Rollins is doing music or spoken word or what, but I just have to see that guy, because he's fucking crazy. <chuckles>

Anyway, time to go watch an episode of Community, and then go to sleep. ^^
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Ahh! Jealous! So epically jealous!!1!
Yeah, it was awesome. Epically awesome. =)

Definitely go, if he tours near your area!


8 years ago

Gah! How could I miss Coulton?! I need to get more connected in the Atlanta music scene. Glad you had fun though :D
Oh man! If I'd known you were interested in that sort of thing, I would have told you. I just didn't let anyone know in that group because they're always broke. =)


8 years ago

Paul and Storm were the opening band, right? They probably weren't the band you went to see last night. But it was all right?
Yes, yes and yes!

Man, it was so good. ^^


8 years ago

His site calls it "Upcoming Speaking Dates - 2010", and one of the tour updates calls it a "spoken word tour".

Anyway-I want to go.
Yeah, whatevs. His spoken word stuff is probably more interesting than his music anyway. Yay, I'm excited. =D
Nice! We saw the same pair here in Orlando on Thursday night and loved it. I ended up downloading Paul and Storms whole catalog after the show because I was so impressed.
Haha, I did the exact same thing! <high-five!>

Deleted comment

I've never gotten to see coulton live, but I saw P & S at W00tstock with wil wheaton, Adam Savage, Hard n Phirm and a bunch of otehr people.... It was a test show to see if they wanted to take the show on the road... I really hope they do because it was super awesome... I went home and bought the entire P & S anthology ( which is ALOT).

Frogger Musical and Live! are two of my favorites of theirs..
Yay! =D

I haven't listened to all their stuff yet, so I don't know what my favorites are, but they were really, really fun. ^^
I've now seen Coulton three times live and Paul and Storm twice (three times if you count Da Vinci's Notebook, a group I think you'd appreciate if you aren't already familiar with them). They are teh awesome.

Say, did you get that e-mail I sent you?
Yeah, I totally had no idea that they were a part of Da Vinci's Notebook until I came home and looked at their website. How could I not know about a band with a song entitled, "Enormous Penis"? ;)

And yes, I got it and responded. <chuckles>


8 years ago

Good enough endorsement for me. They're coming here in March, so I will take advantage of that.

Deleted comment