Master Gode (mastergode) wrote,
Master Gode

Haters gonna hate.

So, today I had a meeting with Cindy and William, the two track directors for the Alternate History track at DragonCon and the organizers of AnachroCon.

Essentially, I'm the Academic Panel Director, which is a title that I sort of made up to cover my responsibilities. I'm in charge (relatively autonomously) of putting together good academic panels for both DragonCon and AnachroCon (some of which I'll be participating in myself).

I came home from said meeting excited about getting the word out and getting started on putting together some panels. So I made a post to steamfashion asking people to either volunteer to speak, recommend a speaker, or just give their thoughts about last year's track. I wrote the post using my real name, and as an official representative of the track at DragonCon.

I'm sure you can see where this is going. The post only lasted an hour or two before it was summarily deleted by, I can assume, jaborwhalky, that mad monarch who gives new meaning to the word 'despot'.

It's one thing to hate on me in an unofficial capacity, but an entirely different thing to get in the way of my organizing a good set of panels for DragonCon, which is something that will affect the community as a whole.

Frankly, I don't know how Falksen stands her.

Included below is the text from my post on steamfashion, just in case anyone wants to spread the word that I'm looking for good, knowledgeable speakers and panel ideas or feedback. I said that I was mastergode because, of course, I had to post it under my alternate name that I made just for steamfashion, anti_censorship, because my primary name, this one, was banned from the community.


My name is Austin Sirkin (also (by which I mean primarily) known as mastergode), and I'm the Academic Panel Director for the Alternate History Track at DragonCon this year, which is quite a mouthful! Essentially, this means that I'm in charge of putting together a spate of academic panels for our track. Those of you who attended last year may remember me from the Wild West panel, the men's fashion panel, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Panel or the Time Travel Paradoxes panel as the gentleman with the goatee with the handlebar moustache.

Since our track is a fan track we focus primarily on discussion and dissemination rather than on simply listening to special guests ramble. Which means that I'm looking at all of you to help make this year as great as it can be!

  • Did you attend our track last year? If so, did you enjoy the academic panels that you attended (if any)? Why or why not?
  • Have you attended another event in which you were impressed by a particular speaker who you'd like to see on our track?
  • Are you, yourself, interested in speaking about a particular subject?
  • Or is there just a topic that is of particular interest to you, that you'd like to hear talked about?

    If you can answer any of the above questions, please feel free to do so! The more feedback we get, the better the track will be this year! If you are interested in being a speaker, or in recommending someone else, I suggest that you don't wait to inquire about it. The con is still 9 months away, but that time goes by pretty quick, and the available panel slots will likely fill up pretty fast.

    You're welcome to either respond via a comment to this post, or e-mail me at

    Thank you!"
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