Master Gode (mastergode) wrote,
Master Gode

Snow Day!

So, things have been pretty busy lately. On the downside, the feature film script thing didn't work out. On the upside, I've made significant progress toward making the audio drama move forward, as well as working on another script for a short film.

However, that's all less exciting than the fact that today it snowed in Atlanta! And it snowed a ton!

So what's a guy to do but make weird snowmen on his front lawn and... on... top... of... his... car?

Yeah, that's right. I made a snowman on the back of my car! Even better, he is Not Amused!

Mary and Matt give him high fives!

Awwww, Mary loves him! He doesn't really know how he feels about that, though.

I love this picture. I took it! =D

Here's the one from the front yard! He's got a unicorn horn, and is smoking a cigarette. Also, he's not very happy.


I'm not entirely sure what Mary was doing at that moment, but we love our funny, angry snowman!

I'm mostly including this picture because Mary loves it so much. Matt looks like a midget!
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Poor subie. :(

Jus' kiddin!
Haha. =)

It was happy to have a friend!
Haha, these are cute. Weren't your hands cold?? I absolutely have to wear gloves when I go out right now.
Yeah, I actually was wearing gloves while I was making them, but then took them off afterward. My hands were still pretty cold. T_T
HAHA @ the peppermint nipples.
They are not peppermint nipples...they are ANGRY NIPPLES!!

oh wow. they're like blood shoot eye things. he may need to get those looked at. No wonders he's angry.
First off, when you said you made a snowman on top of your car, I thought you meant you did what the boys at work did to Mikey's car -- Last winter there was a huge 4-foot snowman on top of his roof. He drove off with it still on there.

Second off, Voltaire was at Haven's 14th Anniversary night. I said hi, told him I knew you, and he was nice enough to give my fangirlish friend a kiss on the cheek and let me take a picture of it. She walked around on cloud 9 for the rest of the night.
Haha. Well, the snowman on the back of my car was made exclusively with the snow from the back half of my car. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing.

And I drove around town all day today with Mr. Unamused Snowman on the back of my car. He only fell off RIGHT before I got home. It was kind of awesome. =)

And yay! =D
Ghostride the whip, snowman style?
Yup! I drove around town all day today with him on the back of my car. T_T
I was being whimsy with our magical snowicorn!


Deleted comment