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Come In From Out in the Brain

Master Gode
17 September 1979
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I've written more of these bio things about myself than I care to count, changing them over the years as I, too, changed. I did, after all, want them to reflect me as a person, or at least as I saw myself at the time.

But as I've come to think about it, all of those things simultaneously are and aren't me. I am both more and less than the sum of those parts. I can't even say that the best way to get to know me is to read my journal, because even that isn't exactly true. My online "persona" is different than I am in person, as I'm sure is the case for most people.

Why write a bio at all, then? Well, readers should be able to get at least some idea of who I am and what I'm for, if not the whole picture.

My name is Austin. I live in Atlanta (known to some as Terminus) and I'm a graduate student at Georgia State University, studying literature. My current focus is on 19th Century Science Fiction. I'm married to the ever-so-lovely missmeganmaude. I had cancer (lymphoma, specifically) from 2005-2006. It's supposedly gone now, but I still worry about it and talk about it with dismaying regularity.

Now that you know at least a little bit about me, feel free to peruse my journal at your leisure. Perhaps you'll get a little closer to understanding me. Or perhaps not.
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